Not much to report, though I do find this pretty funny:

I asked my sister if she received any feelings as to the name of an agent I might have in the future, or an assistant who will have a hand in getting my manuscript noticed by an agent.  Her reply was "Rachel," but before that my little niece chimed in with "Becky."  Lol! 

And my niece knows absolutely nothing about the whole Patrick/Becky ordeal in the slightest.  (She's only eleven-years-old, doesn't believe in past lives, and is scared of ghosts).

I thought her answer very interesting and pretty funny.  A nice surprise for sure!

Of Lavender, black cats and postcards

June 19, 2008
Soulmate Numbers & Lavender

I've been sick this week.  On the first night that I couldn't sleep, I tried distracting myself with reading the journals I made/wrote about my niece and nephew when they were little.  There was this one entry I made which might be Patrick-related.  Back then I knew nothing about Patrick.  He was even more a mystery then than he is now.  Well, there was this one little entry where I mentioned the computer acting up again.  I had to shut it down, then decided to check the messages on a forum I used to frequent every couple months.  (It was a message board for Australian actor Stewart Finlay McLennan.  He played the Scottish "Dr. Neil MacNeill" in the old Christy tv series.  He's the actor that oftentimes Patrick comes to me as in disguise in my dreams.  As it was, it took me YEARS to figure that one out).  Anyway, in this one entry I mentioned restarting the computer, then visiting that site.  It turned out Stewart himself made another post.  I read it at 1:02 AM, and his post was answering questions people had about LAVENDER(He has a lavender farm).

And back then was when coincidences were just beginning to crop up.  The funny thing is that years later I'd be seeing those 1's and 2's everywhere.... soulmate numbers I've learned.  A year or so later was also when Patrick said in that reading my aunt did - "We know why we love lavender."

So it looks like a message from him was trying to come through even back then, only I had no clue until now.

Another thing.  I'm still seeing those soulmate numbers.  Every single day I see them a few times.  The next morning after I read that entry, I woke up late.  (Fell asleep around 7:30 am and woke up after Noon).  Well, not long after I woke up the timer on the stove went off.  As usual, no one was home to turn it off so I went downstairs to do it.  But can you guess what time my mother had that timer set to?  1:20.

A Black Cat
This is OT--

Last night my mother mentioned that she knows it sounds crazy, but that she just saw a black cat enter my bedroom.  I reminded her that I've seen that ghost kitty several times since we moved here and that she (and one of our cats) saw it herself a year or two back. 

But get this.... this morning my sister told my mother something interesting over the phone.  She said that when they were here visiting last week, my niece saw something.  She told her that she wasn't going to say anything, but that while at our house she saw a black cat enter my bedroom.  She also said that she doesn't like my room.

Now I know why she was so intent on not sleeping in my room after that first night.  And my family does NOT discuss ghosts with the kids.  Not ever, since it freaks them (even their dad) out so much.  Of course, in this family I think they'll have to get used to it.  Especially if they've inherited their mother's genes.  Lol!

Postcard Dream

I had this dream last night that was a little weird.  I received a postcard from my niece and nephew's cousin, Chase, of all people. (I haven't seen him since he was a little kid).  In this dream I received a postcard from him.  It was a picture of the inside foyer of a house.  It reminded me of my sister's house for some reason, and a few of my belongings were inside this house.  Just two or three trinkets.  In the postcards message all I recall is the name PATRICK.

What's strange is that this morning my sister mentioned to my mother that the house next door to them is going up for sale.  They're moving to Dallas for the same reasons we want to move to Austin.  They want to be near their family.  So I thought that a little weird.

But what's the other message from this dream?  To CHASE Patrick?  Lol!  Years ago I had a dream with a similar message.  (The one with the woods, Patrick on a white horse, and him running off so I'd chase after him).

July 3, 2008
"Becky"/Agent Update:

Yesterday I received an email from an agency.  I emailed a different agent there, but the junior agent is the one that replied, asking to see my full ms. I just wonder if this "Becky" my niece mentioned is this "Becca" person.

Also, my sister mentioned "Rachel," and it turns out there are 2 Rachel's there, too.

For about a year I've had the feeling something agent-related would happen around the 4th of July.  (Two dreams I had).

I guess this was it.  It doesn't mean they'll say yes, but it's another request at least.

July 6, 2008

'New' Old EVP

I never do evp anymore, but I wanted to try out a new pair of headphones. I was curious to know if the sound quality of my old evp's improved with a different set of headphones, so I listened to clips of various sessions.  I discovered one from November 24, 2007.  In this clip I had a Christmas cd playing in the background while I was placing decorations on the Christmas tree. The singing you'll hear is the soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. You know the one... it's at the end of the cartoon where all the kids are humming around the Christmas tree. There are no lyrics to the song in the clip below. Only the choir of kids humming.
As evp's go, I think this one is pretty loud.  I think the music cd I had on served as great white noise for Patrick's voice to come through. 

The evp of Patrick is as follows, and is loud enough  - especially the end -  to be heard without headphones:

"O-kay Be-cky... I can't have it... I love you..."

July 8, 2008

Here's the clip above, only a few seconds longer. 

At the very end I hear "I do miss you."

"O-kay Be-cky... I can't have it... I love you... I do miss you"