This is what writers block does to a person!

They type up notes for a synopsis to another story they've written, decide it's crap and then attempt to finish their newest story. 

They stare at a blinking cursor for several minutes...
with music from POTO playing softly in the background...  then babble nonsense on a blog that hardly anyone even knows about.

Nevertheless, all I have for Chapter 31 is a title and a few random notes, so instead of staring blankly at a screen and losing circulation in my hands, I'll just ramble inside here.  Only, keep in mind that what I'm about to write below would never have been posted at all if not for being blocked.  I would never have posted it because 1.) it's boring and 2). I don't think it means much of anything.  Even if it did, it's still boring.
Patrick's FeaturesThe other night, when watching Ghost Hunters on tv, I told Mom I’d love to have a Spirit Drawing of Patrick one day.  She closed her eyes and pictured him herself.  It was kind of funny because she answered a question that I’d been having, and we never talk about Patrick.  She saw his face as chiseled with rugged lips (which I had already told her), and sort of high cheekbones and a square chin (which is what I had been wondering about and thought that he had; esp. the square chin).  She said she thinks he might have a high brow.  Not sure though, as his hair was covering it.

Dream I had this morning
(I'm leaving out the earlier nonsense in this dream)

In the first part of this dream I'm running outside in Ireland.  The scenery is breathtaking, but I'm trying to catch up with this lady; an author.  Later, she and I are inside a mall or someplace.  She's autographing a couple of books after looking at some soaps.   She shouts a question at me from her seat, asking if I'd realized that my story is a little similar to hers in its mood.  She hadn't read all of my story yet... she read it without my permission I think... but for some reason I was glad to hear her say that.  I told her it was "confidence building." 

She and I are about to leave when the saleslady beckons her to look at some soaps again.  They were the same soaps she'd looked at earlier, but walked away from.  I remember thinking at the time that she was crazy for passing them over.  So, she goes back to that counter to check them out.  She keeps dropping one of the soaps on the floor inside some water.  It's pink, heart-shaped soap.  When I finally  lift it out of the water myself, I see that on the soap are the words "Remember Me."  The author and I look at one another.  Her expression told me that she believed it a sign to me  from Patrick.  I, on the other hand, just held the soap in my palm while telling her that surely it was nothing.  No message at all, and that she was reading too much into it.

All I can think of in  interpreting this is that soap = cleansing, and water = emotions.