August 27, 2007
Dream - message on mirror

Had a dream last night that I’ve been brushing off.  I’m only writing it down now b/c Mom found it interesting.  In this dream I just finished taking a bath when I saw on the fogged up mirror, the words “I Love You.”  I opened the door and shouted for Mom to come up and see, all the while hoping the words would stay there so Mom could see.  I remember watching the sentence slowly fading away, word-by-word before Mom arrived. When Mom reached the bathroom, the words completely disappeared.  I’m now wondering… a day later… if there was a reason for that.  Did the words disappear before Mom could see them to send me a message that Patrick is for ME and not Mom or my sister?  His words were only for ME to see? 
(Call me an idiot, but I STILL can’t help myself when it comes to being open to the idea that he’s for my sister or mother, and that all my dreams and 27 years of experiences are a fluke.  I don’t think that they are, but it’s just in my nature to be somewhat pessimistic.  I'm trying to change that, hence these 2 websites).

A guess on who "Margaret" was

Now I'm beginning to wonder if Margaret really was Patrick's sister-in-law, and that after his brother died, he had to marry her?  They did do that back then. 
I think that's a possibility.
Well, it doesn't matter but I do like solving pieces of this puzzle.  I mean, she's in a lot of my dreams with him.  So maybe my guess mentioned above, as well as my sister and mother's feelings on it, have truth to them.  I guess that really was Margaret in that one dream I had a long time ago, too.  (Won't go into detail here). All I know is that in these dreams, the theme is always similar.  Patrick and I were separated, but not by choice.  We had no choice.  My feelings have always been that he was the stronger one in that he did what he had to do.  He did his duty, while my feelings were... his duty be damned.  We wanted to be together, but outside forces made it impossible. I'm sure that sounds crazy to some, but these dreams... well you just have to have dreamt them yourself to understand.  They are what they are, and I never really understood them myself until I realized this was all Patrick-related.  And the feelings from some of these dreams just can't really be explained.  I know there are others out there that have had PL dreams before, or dreams about their twin, and that they can relate.  So... at least I'm not alone in that.

Dream - House inside a hill

While watching "Tristan & Isolde" tonight, I realized that there's another dream that I had a couple months back.  I now think I should have written it down.  The feel of the dream was very happy.  I was inside some dark place, then lifted this flap which led to outside.  This flap was in fact the door.  I looked around and I was facing very green hills scattered with people running about. There were other houses like this all over these hills, fairly close together.  I mean everywhere.  It was sunny and the landscape was vast.  Very beautiful.  These were quite literally homes dug inside the hillside, similar to the picture below.

January 16, 2007
True Love

About a week ago, I was getting ready for bed.  I crawled into bed and about a minute or two later I heard my “True Love” pin… that I have set in front of a small picture frame on my bookshelf…. slide down  to the floor. After that, my Princess Bride sticker with the “Death Cannot Stop True Love” quote fell onto the carpet as well.  That card was tucked securely behind that frame and the pin is heavy.