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Debbie H
07/31/2008 10:39am

I'm glad you're noticing more hints from Patrick. I with him, "Hang in there", OK?

Debbie H
08/05/2008 9:13am

Could the sparkly lights have been fairies? Spirits, possibly. Hummmm..... What does your family think they were?

08/06/2008 6:36pm

Thanks for the dream information. :)
Oooh, I've been reading "Only Love is Real," since I got it off your site. I'm really enjoying it.
Have you gotten anything new from Patrick?

10/03/2008 6:19pm

Thanks for making this wonderful collaboration of Twin Flame information available in the way that you have. You have done so with a lot of heart behind it :) Great Job!

Thank you

11/05/2008 7:06am

I left a guestbook comment on the other older site as well, but wanted to leave one here. Thank you for compiling all that you have on your Twin Flames page. Really, you are on to something and much as I posted at the other site, what you have shared here helps me to feel a lot less nuts. My friend and I have been experiencing these same dreams and visions, coincidences and connections. I believe I am with my TF now, as of this June. My friend has still to meet hers, but her experiences are very similar to yours, from having obsession movies, to dreams to recognizing messages in songs, and so on. I see patterns in numbers and appearances with animals crossing my path. Oh just too many similarities to count. Anyway, I wanted you to be encouraged and know that this stuff is all for a reason. some days I wonder if it is all real, if this stuff is leading to something. In my case, I am with him now, but to what ends and for what reasons/purposes, I am still puzzling out. At any rate, I wish this information had existed a couple of years ago; it would have helped me process a lot of what was happening to me then. I am glad it is here *now* because I think a lot of people are experiencing more and more of what you describe. You are not alone, and no, all of "this" is for a reason, I really do feel and know inside. Thank you. :)

11/11/2008 12:40pm

Your collective information of your personal experiences as well as the many articles on your sites are by far informative, of value & seem so full of merit. On a whole- it has touched me. This is wonderfully arranged & presented to those of us whom have similar experiences... providing that extra "Umph" of confirmation & another's insight. Keep the Faith~Be Encouraged- there are soo soo many connections...oftentimes, too many to truly see- thank the Heavens for the glimpses though.

12/06/2008 10:42am

Loved your blogs, you've pulled from some great articles. Twinflames are not all that rare anymore, in fact many are awakening to heal the earth. Keep dreaming, you can bring in the twinflame relationship that you desire. No matter what you see you must believe with all the power of your emotion behind it and allow no obstacles to block your journey. I left the link to my 360, I've written some twinflame poetry, if you'd like to read my blogs just let me know and I'll send you an invite then you can read them. Blessings on your journey.

01/28/2009 6:39pm


02/01/2009 8:30pm

I appreciate your compilation of articles on Twin Flames - thank you!

I met Mark in April, a couple of months before our 50th birthdays. We were born within 2 minutes of one another (adjusted for the three hour difference in our birth time zones) on 06/10/58. We are the male/female counterparts of one another, and this is the easiest, most loving relationship either of us have ever had. I believe we are twin flames and am curious....Are TF's often born at the same time?


02/10/2009 5:26pm

Wonderful page.

I met me soulmate in an out of body experience in 2004 i hope we`ll find us.
....your page gave some new courage to go on to seek and not give up. Thanks a lot....and pardon me English
regards from Germany

02/13/2009 12:43pm

Your experiences remind me alot of my own but of course I eventually learned to tune my own out, this would be seeing spirits, hearing them, being able to feel their presence and so on, and after reading your blog I realize, it was the worst idea ever to do that. On the positive note, you've given me a strange sense of courage to be with the man I love because I was always afraid I wasn't good enough and/or he would hurt me in an emotional sense but that isn't the case anymore. Weird but thank you alot and good luck with Patrick and your book and everything in your life.

Also strangely enough I always wanted a friend called Patrick so I could call him 'Paddy' and weirdly enough the man I love's nickname is 'Paddy', well I call him that and its a shortened version of the nickname but there you go and his name isn't Patrick either.

In life, there are no coincidences, its all you know fate and destiny and whatnot and the sooner we realize and accept it the easier things are and I thought I would pass that onto you for some odd reason. Anyway, good luck with everything, love the site, I actually used some of the pictures you have on one of my pages but okay, thanks alot. :D


02/13/2009 1:00pm

You can imagine my surprise after searching the internet for something to share with my twin flame from whom I am now separated, having once had a relationship with her, and going to the home page and finding my name there... The universe never stops doing all it can to bring us to where we need to be.

02/13/2009 10:45pm

Gypsy –
Thank you for the kind words, and what you say is very true. The signs are everywhere I think. Some of us just have more trouble recognizing them.

I still do. Lol!


Tammy H –
I’ll have to check that out! I’m glad you enjoyed my page.


Brenda –
Glad to be of help. It’s all any of us can do really. Just record our personal experiences and be open minded with a little bit of healthy skepticism thrown in.


Kathy -
From what I’ve read, there is usually a huge age gap between twin flames. (Something I learned years after having this ‘theme’ appear in several of my dreams; dreams which, at the time I had no idea were related to Patrick).

But, having said that this doesn’t mean that’s always the case. It just seems to be more common.


Jasmin –
Thanks so much, and good luck!


Liz -
Congratulations on that newfound courage, Liz!

And thanks for your note on coincidences. I think I needed to be reminded – once again – of that. Lol! I’m always downplaying the little buggers, even though they do happen to me A LOT.

Also, thanks about the book. It’s been almost a year and… no agent yet. I keep telling myself things happen in their own time, so we’ll see. I do believe it will be published one day. Hopefully I’ll not be planted in the ground by then. Lol!


Patrick -
Now that is one awesome “coincidence.” ;o)


Thank you for ALL your kind replies. I appreciate the time you took to read my site(s) and then share your own experiences. I hope you continue to share them.

As for my newest (third) Patrick site, I’m sorry there isn’t much on there right now. Not much has been happening lately. It’s been a while since I’ve even had any Patrick dreams.



03/22/2009 4:34pm

I have found my twin flame once again after being apart for 30 years of living through our learning times, and this time, we, Jonathon and I both realize what we are. We cannot handle being apart for one minute. Thank you so much for all of the information you have put together to help us realize our destiny. Maybe someday we will all meet.

03/25/2009 7:49pm

Wow, a lot of people seem to have found their twin flame. Awesome and depressing at the same time.
Anyway, how's the agent search coming along?

04/12/2009 7:39pm

Hey...I can't tell you how much I've benefited from your site...I never knew that there was a name for the way I felt, for this kind of connection. The descriptions of the twin flame connections could be words from my own mouth.

I met my twin flame last spring, during my freshman year of college. I'm 18 - he's 34. Meeting him and falling in love with him was absolutely the most terrifying and wonderful experience of my life. There's no way of explaining to other people the feeling that you have known this person for millenia, that you know and love everything about them, that there is nothing you wouldn't give to be with them. Within a few months of meeting my twin flame, I experienced more growth than I had in the past five years. Concealing my feelings for him, acting platonically around him, was the hardest acts I've ever had to play.

Convinced that he didn't feel the same way and frightened of the intensity of my feelings (not to mention the fact that he was my professor and boss...and married), I transferred schools. I told myself that the only way I could possibly get over him was to completely remove him from my life. The day I left, he admitted to me that he felt the same way. I haven't seen or talked to him since.

I guess others who have met their twin flames can understand that leaving behind your TF is as hard as suffering a death. The last four months have been hell...but I believe, deep down, that we will meet again one day.

Sorry for the long message...
Thanks again!

04/13/2009 10:50am

I just recently met my Twin Flame Feb 24th was our first real conversation of the minds. Ever since then we have had more personal growth in the 2months knowing each other than the 30 plus years on earth. She is 10 yrs my junior but our conversations are far from juvenile. We connect on all subjects and the times we are together are unbelievable. The energy and vibrations are far beyond what words can express. Majority of the readings in this blog has helped me to embrace the intensity and to "JUST BE". Don't try to fight it and live in the moment. Thank you for opening my mind to the possibility of having a relationship! I never believed in marriage and hated relationships! I think otherwise now.


Joann Kroll
04/25/2009 10:18am

I have reunited with my twin flame. When we are together the world is a wonderous place - apart, we both are lost.

05/08/2009 1:26pm

cute site - but, pls. take off the Plato quote because it is an inacurate statement. Plato never made that quote. It came up in a conversation between Socrates and a Student regarding the subject of Love and what it could be. They were speculating and the quote used online is less than half the original quote.
You will find the entire quote in a book called "Symposium".
thanks for correct distributing correct information.
And don't forget - the nights of Socrates and his philosophical friends were spent in a drunken stupor with homosexual students.

05/08/2009 7:58pm

Sorry you took offense, but it's an excerpt from a published book.

05/08/2009 8:12pm

Forgot to comment on the "drunken stupor with homosexual students" comment. I like this to be a place of positivity and with no degrading judgments. Also bear in mind that this is a PG-rated website. Please respect that. (That goes for everyone, please. Keep negative judgments to yourselves and on your own sites. They don't belong here. If they do show up, I'll delete them).

05/19/2009 10:13am

I met my twin flame and experienced the full whoosh of recognition and so did he, but as time wore on he turned out to be an arsehole and Im so glad I didnt end up with him I dont want to be with him even in Heaven what makes me sad is that the soulmate Im married to now isnt my twin flame and will be with his twin flame in Heaven, who isnt me

Kristina Cox
06/18/2009 4:24pm

I love this website. Thank you for displaying lots of articles about Twin Flame!

08/13/2009 3:19pm

Hi! Under your Twin Flames tab can you please tell me the artists of the paintings that are posted there - there are a few I'd like to find copies of for my home.
thank you

09/03/2009 4:08pm

Hello, in reading your information, I was very moved and fascinated by it. I sure need help in this one. I fall into the
catagories of "Old Soul and STAR PEOPLE
Anyway, I was wondering due to an experience that I recently had, how can a person when they are only say, ten years old(1970~71) see a picture of a girl whom is much older and several school grades higher be so drawn to her.(being precocious) on my part.
And now, I was looking through the same yearbook at the library, and the same feeling overcame me and even more. It is like I am seeing a reflection.
I have fallen in love with her. I never met her but my heart knew her. I am also a clairvoyant/clairsentience. I had the librarian enlarge her picture and when I got it, I was zapped by her image♥ She has the features like the girl who comes out in the Outer Limits intro.
Even when I first saw this girl on the begining of the show, something kept reminding me of this girl/lady that I like and would like to find. All these years and I never forgot the picture of her
let alone her name. In othr words, when I was young and I saw her picture, something about her image was telling me something, for the age that I was, I liked this girl, and now, it is as if I am
reconnecting to HER, but why? Can people come to a full circle years later.
I believe in the esoteric/metaphysics. I am a very spiritual person so I am for Real
Thank You Very Much
Sincerely : Perfecto Rodriguez II

09/16/2009 8:29am

I found every little detail very interesting and i want to believe it all. I still have a question/ doubt in my mind- lets say i have found my twin flame now- the feelings from my side as described are just as much same as they have been written here- but how i get to know if whom i feel is my twin flame is actually my twin flame!

10/07/2009 7:00pm

Heather - Some of the paintings are from Sulamith Wulfing.


Bindu - Your guess is as good as mine. Lol! We can't really know if they're a TF for sure (well, most of us anyway), but that skepticism.... it is very useful. Just be openminded, and the answers will come... or not. Lol! I've decided that in the big scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. Really, it doesn't. All we can do is live our life with the people that ARE in our lives NOW. If our TF is incarnated the same time as us, or watching over us, the connection is there and we'll see them again.

10/12/2009 1:28am

Thank you for compiling all this informartion about twin flames. All these articles have helped me to clarify or at least justify what I'm feeling now because someone doesn't seem to believe much in this sort of things until it really happens to one....
I met my twinflame and I experienced that inexplicable attraction and pure love for him since the first time we met. His eyes pull me, we have that intense feeling of knowing him forever, I can feel what he feels, there is no need of words between us to know what he is feeling....there is so much inexplicable chemistry.
Unfortunately, as one of the articles state, when you met a twinflame the whole situation can be caos...
He is married...actually, he got married 2 months before he met me. I'm single and I have tried to move on with my life and forget about this guy but I always end up thinking about him.
I wonder why this happens to me, and only God has the answer...this can be so much pain and the same time such a spiritual growth experience...
I am learning to be patient, understanding, caring, and loving with no expectations; and that love lasts forever, beyond a lifetime.

wizard healer
11/24/2009 4:22pm

Thank you for compiling information on twin souls that is not romanticized and made out to be like the mistaken, trendy, definition of soul mates (whereby mistaken means they are meant to be together romantically). I met my twin soul for the second time this summer - the connection is undeniable (made him take a step back due to the strength of it), both of us are commitedly married (and keeping it that way), and yes, there is the slight age difference, as well as distance, and totally different life experiences though parallels on emotional issues. When you can connect with someone who can tell you your destiny - as you could tell them theirs.....well, there is no such thing as coincidence. And this is all without having a quiet conversation with the person - it is more of a student teacher relationship, at informative seminars. When it seems (at moments) as though there are only two of you in a room of a few hundred and both have a mission to be of service to humanity (with ethics and integrity) it is impossible to escape noticing the immense energetic connection. So thank you again for the information you provided.

02/14/2010 5:56pm

Just FYI: I was sent a very l-o-n-g email, requesting I delete the excerpt from JVP’s Twin Flame meditation, and so I have.

I found that meditation on a few different websites, so when adding it to my page a while back I felt it appropriate to provide the link to his official site. (I provide a link to every article I find, so you would all know the source).

I’m sorry offense was taken for sharing the excerpt. I’ve always liked JVP and the meditation fit nicely with the other articles.


03/03/2010 1:55am

ok firstly im gonna say, it makes sense to me. ive only started reading about this twin flame thing. anyway am i the only one whos noticed that in the people that have commented there is a patrik and a margaret.....if they are dummy names for the sake of privacy, fair enough but if not then, coincidence or message? hmnnn.... i would like to thank Kristen for shedding some light on to what these experiences/feelings/emothins are. Im going to pay more attention to them from now on.

James Kovic
03/24/2010 4:57pm

I found your blog really helpful in understanding about Twin Flames. In my case, I suppose, I've had one of those more unlikely experiences and that is having found my twin flame now on Earth. Actually we grew up together on the same street although she was 5 years younger than I was. She was always this nosy little girl who my mother had befriended and involved her with various arts and craft projects along with other neighborhood girls at that time. But aside from coming over to my home to participate in that she sought me out all of the time. However, I was a rather reclusive teenage boy beset with some deep emotional trauma from early childhood and so I avoided her and stayed in my own world. But she never gave up seeking me out. And 30 years later she found me again through my facebook page which I very rarely maintained but which was established enough so that she could email me. From then on we kept up an email correspondence now for five months. After about 2 months I knew it was her, my Twin Flame just by the quality of the words we shared which I endeavored to deepen more and more sharing many of my spiritual experiences throughout the years which I used to explore so that I could go in search of my own healing process. There's more so perhaps I'll write some more later. Thank you.

04/02/2010 3:04pm

This just leaves me with two impression:
1. I am not crazy to be so happy for the past couple of weeks now;
2. Life has a meaning, if not the current one but there is a good chance that the next one will truly have a destination if now you're just a traveler.
Overall a frightening thing to see that all of you're questions are answered by a simple article on a website but also so fulfilling and truly rewarding to find yourself in this article.

A twin
04/09/2010 5:09pm

Thanks for this website, it really is an awsome collection of great work. Very happy to have found it, it eases my pain to read about the seperation of twins as it actually is. I forgive myself my grief from good information.

Much Love to you

04/12/2010 5:34pm

Thank you for the article on Twin Flames. Now I know for sure that the Ascended Masters have a twisted sense of humour.

05/12/2010 2:02am

Thank you for explaining what twin flames are. We found your site when we started experiencing the twin feeling and was astounded that everything simply fitted with what we know was happening to us. mark and claire

05/30/2010 1:42pm

hey your font is too hard to read on the front page. it is the section about twin flames that you took down. this is just a design comment that is all nice site other wise !

07/14/2010 5:24pm

Hey, a while back i found this site and it was very Interesting, with helpful Information, and i came back to it and i seen that u erased the content, i was trying to information On Twin Flames on other Sites but i couldnt. The articles that were on this site were amazing, so i was wondering if u could send me sum information to my email, or some links that u think may be helpful. Please and Thank You-Griselda

07/26/2010 10:54pm

Kimberly - Yep, I'm aware of that. The text looked fine for over a year, but then one day it turned into a nightmare. Very frustrating, but nothing I do will correct it. Just another glitch with Weebly.


Griselda - Sorry, but I never saved those links.


Note: This is a very old site so I won't be allowing further guestbook comments. Some of the older ones will even have to be deleted since there have been some glitches with the text there as well.


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