Here are some possible EVP's of Patrick

 EVP = Spirit voices on tape. 
This phenomena was discovered by accident in 1959 by a Swedish opera singer named
Friedrich JürgensonHe was recording bird calls in the deep woods when, upon playback, he discovered human voices on the tape as well; disembodied voices not audible to the human ear at the time of recording.

I either asked questions out loud about...

...that PL myself, or I just set the recorder in another room and told Patrick I'd appreciate it if he'd leave some evp's for me.

As is the norm, a lot of these evp's were difficult to decipher, so I just uploaded the loudest ones here.  You might need headphones to hear some of them, and vice versa.

Good speakers and a trained ear helps, too!!!

EVP's have been relocated HERE, in the Nov 2. 2009 entry

More (possible) evp's are in the Part 2 section.  Just a couple though.